Annual Report 2021

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Message from our CEO

In 2021 we announced our new .Grow strategy, making this a fitting moment to refresh and enhance the content of this report, which I hope you will appreciate.

Julien Ducarroz CEO of Orange Polska

Group's results

Group's results

Orange Goes Green

Achieving net zero carbon by 2040 is our overarching climate and environmental goal.

In the first period, by 2025, we will focus on reducing our own CO₂ emissions (Scopes 1 and 2 – direct and indirect own emissions). Our objective is to lower them by at least 65% compared to 2015.

90 %
of our Scopes 1+2 emissions (=own emissions) result from electricity use and must be addressed as first priority
60 %
Increasing the share of renewable energy in our energy mix by 2025

Digital Inclusion

Socio-digital inclusion is a major component of Orange Polska’s corporate social responsibility strategy.

By “sociodigital exclusion” we mean permanent and structural limitation of life opportunities of individuals and local communities due to overlapping and mutually reinforcing unfavourable social and economic factors as well as deficits in use of digital services.

Orange studios in small towns
szkół w programach Fundacji Orange: MegaMisja i #SuperKoderzy
6 800
dzieci w programach Fundacji Orange: MegaMisja i #SuperKoderzy



Orange Polska has adopted the Diversity Management Policy, which was determined by the Decision no. 36/16 of the President of the Management Board dated 19 September 2016

Our Diversity Management Policy aims to bolster the pursuit of our business objectives and support compliance with the values enshrined in the Code of Ethics, CSR goals and the obligations under the Diversity Charter, of which Orange Polska is a signatory. In addition, the Policy refers to the Global Diversity Management and Inclusion Policy in Orange.

34.4 %
women in managerial positions

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